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ISG Exclusive: The Wave Matrix Hipot Tester

A true custom automated machine that’s off-the-shelf easy. The ISG Wave Matrix Hipot Tester is what you would expect from a company that specializes in custom machine design, systems integration, and world-class industrial automation products—an electrical test fixture that represents the cutting edge in all of these areas. These automated inspection machines provide 100% inspection of your custom electrical connectors, cables, and terminal block and cable assemblies with a modular design that is easy to maintain and integrate with your automated systems.

Each automated machine begins with a modular design, having a docking station with replaceable test fixtures. Because one docking station can be made to operate with multiple test fixtures, expansion costs can be greatly lowered for different part designs. As well, the software behind every docking station begins with ISG’s exclusive “Wave Matrix” concept. What this technology means to you is a more complete inspection, even for complicated connectors and assemblies, in reduced cycle times. After that, it’s up to you!

Custom Design with Functionality That Comes Standard:
As you would expect, each custom machine is designed for you application with custom tooling and custom programming for your exact parts and test requirements. Plus, the modular design also allows for expandability for networking and communications, data acquisition and storage, and new parts, as well as the ability to easily integrate with other automated systems. To further the reliability and convenience, both test modules and docking stations use globally respected brands in industrial automation and electrical components, giving you an industrial grade, reliable machine that can be maintained at the factory floor level.

Single test fixtures can be designed to conduct multiple electrical tests and verify different physical features or to inspect varying but physically similar parts, again reducing investment in multiple systems. Advanced capabilities and options include:

HiPot Tester

HiPot Tester

Part Tracking and Verification

     Witness Mark Application
Choose laser etching, RFID tags, and more.
    Bad Part Captivation
Control and separate failed parts.
   bullett Display of Failure Analysis
Know which part failed and why.
   bullett Data Collection and Storage
Use for SPC, TQM, Six Sigma and ISO 9001 verification, or customer records. Advanced Communication
Advanced Communication
    bullett Ethernet-based Design
Display web pages and talk to other network devices.
    bullett Alarming and Monitoring
Display and send real-time data easily through e-mail or programs like MS Excel.
    bullett Non-proprietary
Use preferred protocols and bus structures – DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, and more.

Systems Integration

     Modular Workstations
Integrate electromechanical systems such as vibratory feeder bowls for assembly applications.
    Multi-function systems
Combine with systems such as machine vision for complete inspection solution.
Advanced Security
    bullett Supervisor Key
Maintain supervisory control over failed parts.
    bullett Biometrics & RFID
Use the same security procedures on the plant floor as used at the enterprise level, such as fingerprints or badges.
Hi-Pot Tester

An Integrated System
There are other hipot testers and other electronic test fixtures. But the Wave Matrix Hipot Tester is an automated system that increases throughput and cycle times through automation software innovation and by combining multiple tests within an intelligent system. Make selections for AC or DC functionality, voltage, and test duration. Our system is a part of your manufacturing process for inspecting every part, every time. As any custom machine should be, machine safety is part of our system with integrated light curtains and opto switches. Even so, the Wave Matrix Tester offers flexibility and versatility through its portable design. Use as a table top, work cell, or cart mounted system that works for different production areas. The Wave Matrix Hipot Tester works how and where you want to work.

Customary ISG Performance Inside Custom ISG Technology
The Wave Matrix Hipot Tester is without equal, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need an extra engineer to have one. Inside every tester, you’ll find easily accessed, standard, and globally recognized industrial automation components. At the heart of every system is a Slaughter tester, the number one brand in hipot testers. From there ISG uses advanced engineering and systems integration technology to build a complete automated machine using recognized and respected names in industrial controls. This gives you a serviceable machine that is a true factory floor ready device.

Let ISG design and build your Wave Matrix Hipot Tester to your specifications, and benefit from the one custom automated machine that gives you the ease of use, reliability, and quick return on investment that you expect from commonplace controls and systems like you already use.

Contact us to get more information or to discuss your custom requirements!

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