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July 25, 2011: ISG Infovision has been nominated for a Spirit of Innovation Award, presented by the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce and the Chattanooga Technology Council.  The nomination concerns the "text-pon" advertising concept. 

The award winners will be announced during the Chamber of Commerce's Spirit of Innovation Awards Luncheon on October 26, 2011.
Below is some additional information on the Kruesi Award and the Early Innovator Award.  You can also visit the Chamber’s website for more information:

Industrial Systems Group, Inc. (ISG) showcases its 2nd generation Electrical Hi-Pot and Continuity Tester at the 2009 Chattanooga Business Expo sponsored by the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. – March 18, 2009.

ISG and co-developer Intech, Inc. also of Chattanooga, demonstrated the functionality and features of this modular tester, which was designed to test plastic injection molded electrical connectors. The tester performs checks for molded physical features such as keyways and locating posts. If these pass, testing continues for continuity and short circuits. Passing connectors are identified with a witness mark. Failing connectors are locked in place until key released by a production line supervisor.

Real-time Pass / Fail historical data is collected by the tester and may be retrieved via an external Ethernet port. Use of the tester provides 100% inspection of all connectors produced, insuring quality. Nearly 20 of these custom testers have been deployed since their initial development began in 2005.

ISG also displayed Siemens ASi (actuator sensor interface) ASi-Safe platform and MP277 touchscreen components in a live demo set-up, provided courtesy of Brozelco. The latest in roller conveyor technology in the form Hytrol’s E24 conveyor was also exhibited, highlighting ISG capability to provide state of the art material handing solutions.

For information on these and other automated solutions for the production environment please contact ISG President Jim Martof at 423-485-1448. Begins Revisions will be getting a fresh, clean look. The new layout will allow users to navigate through the site much easier and give our clients a more friendly online experience when visiting Industrial Systems Group website.


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